translated from Spanish: Afghanistan: Taliban leader says girls and women will be able to access education and work “under Islamic law”

The spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, said on Tuesday that girls and women will be able to continue attending schools and accessing higher education in Afghanistan with the country under their control.” We have announced this policy more than once, at international conferences such as the one in Moscow, at the Doha conference. Our leader mentioned this in his speeches. So that’s our policy,” Shaheen said in an interview with British broadcaster “Sky News.” In all those areas that are falling on our side in Afghanistan there were thousands of schools, girls’ schools, universities. All of them are operating,” he said. The Taliban spokesman stressed that “even” a woman could be seen presenting the news in Afghanistan. “He’s back to work,” he said. Asked if women will be able to hold political office in Afghanistan, Shaheen replied: “Our policy is clear. They can access education and work, that’s one thing.” They can hold positions, but they can hold those positions in the context of Islamic law, so there is a general framework for them,” said the Taliban spokesman, who remarked that women should be covered according to “Islamic standards,” but that their garments “are not limited to the burqa.” On those who have worked under previous Afghan governments, Shaheen said that “their property will be protected and their honor and their lives are secure.” The spokesman also said western countries have a “moral obligation” to “help rebuild Afghanistan” so that the country can begin “a new chapter.”

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