translated from Spanish: Firefighters will start collection with goal of 800 thousand pesos

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- The economic situation of Firefighters has become increasingly complicated, that is why Felipe Valenzuela, president of the Board of Trustees of this aid institution in Guamúchil, announced that next October there will be collection and a goal was set close to 800 thousand pesos, as last year, however, only about 500 thousand pesos were raised.  He assured that thanks to the support of the Municipal Government and the private sector they have managed to get ahead, however, they have other needs and must cover those expenses.  “Even though we have had difficult situations we have not failed to comply with the payroll. We have not exceeded or made unnecessary expenses to be able to pay the salaries of the workers, which is the priority,” he said.  He explained that in 2019 they made some savings and managed to accumulate around 600 thousand pesos, and with that they solved month after month some economic commitments. He thanked all those individuals who helped them even though they did not have a collection. Read more: Two dead men found in an abandoned house in Culiacán “We have been using the good disposition of the citizens and companies of Guamúchil. Some entrepreneurs have approached us and have helped us in the repair of machines, they have donated fuel to us, they have even given us a machine.” Osorio and Ruiz Massieu back Sinaloa caucus

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