translated from Spanish: Sichel’s campaign programmatic head criticized “ridiculous witch hunt” for 10% withdrawal

Presidential candidate Sebastian Sichel’s programmatic campaign chief Victoria Paz made her annoyance over the “ridiculous witch hunt” known by asking who has withdrawn money from individual accounts over AFP withdrawals.
This, in relation to the fact that several ministers and parliamentarians have acknowledged having withdrawn money from their individual accounts, despite the fact that some of them have been against this measure.
In an interview on the national state program, the panelists were asked if they had made use of any of these retreats, and while raising their hands, Paz said that “I’m not going to answer you because I think this is a ridiculous witch hunt.”
“I find it to be a privacy disturbance Why are they asking all the people whether or not they took out 10 percent? In these Salem witches that this country is becoming… you did I don’t know what (…)”, criticized the programmatic head of Sichel’s campaign.
This Monday the vote in particular on the draft of the fourth withdrawal in the Constitution Commission of the Chamber of Deputies is resumed. The opposition reiterated that it has the votes to approve the initiative to reach the Senate, where – some admit – the greatest doubts can be focused on what the senators of the center-left who have already stated that they are not supporters will do.

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