Bellolio and constitutional accusation against Piñera: “I do not see anyone from Chile Vamos who is available to be accomplices of an impeachment”

The minister spokesman of the Government, Jaime Bellolio, again criticized the constitutional accusation presented against President Sebastián Piñera. The action was entered on Wednesday because of the case being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for the sale of the Dominga megaproject. In this regard, the Secretary of State assured Radio Infinita that the opposition would be “about to beat the record of constitutional accusations.” “When there are 40 days left for the presidential election, 5 months for the change of command, what he wants to be part of that radical left, is to prevent Chileans from having a democratic and republican change of command on March 11, 2022.” With this, he assured that parliamentarians of the ruling party would not support the libel. “I don’t see anyone from Chile Vamos who is available to be complicit in an impeachment of a president and tell Chileans that the popular mandate to elect a president for four years, doesn’t really last that when there’s an opposition majority in Parliament.” For this reason, he called on “all deputies who really believe in democracy, justice and truth” to “not vote in favor of this baseless accusation, only politics that wants to stain the elections and prevent a republican and democratic transfer of command,” he concluded.

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