The return of the Bloodsuckers

It seems that the pre-call published by the ISSSTE for the comprehensive medical service of clinical analysis laboratories for the triennium 2022-2024, is addressed oooootra time to the “Cartel of the Bloodsuckers”. Only two items of two thousand 500 million pesos each will be awarded on this occasion, and as the bases come, it is addressed to the same ones that for years have been the beneficiaries of these tenders. The requirements of the pre-call launched by the boys of Luis Antonio Ramírez pose a capacity of economic resources that accredit income from 15% to 19.99% of the value of the offer. Also, a minimum staff of 40 verifiable specialists and with a seniority of six months in the company, aspects that subtract points from many medium-sized companies that also want to grow and that also have the ability to offer this type of services. It is denoted in advance that this tender is again aimed at the famous cartel that was already sanctioned and fined by the Federal Economic Competition Commission, now chaired by Brenda Gisela Hernández, just a year ago for acts of collusion. We are talking about Medical Selections by Francisco Pérez Fayad, Falcón by Noé Ramírez, Dicipa by Francisco Pallach, Impromed by José Fernando Chaín, Hemoser by Ignacio Higadera and Centrum by Valentín Campos.This practice is related to the IMSS, where since June 2018 countless direct awards are added to a single supplier in the Central Laboratory of Epidemiology, that it is one of the most interested in the right now in the ISSSTE there is no free participation. Centrum, one of the six of the cartel, has “won” this contract without going through any bidding procedure or transparent contracting mechanism. So the chips are moved to resort to the old ways and consolidate themselves in a very clear way in these public health institutes that serve more than 30 million Mexicans. REGARDING Social Security, activists Rigoberto Campos and Manuel Valenzuela denounced more contracts by direct award, in this case in the delegation of Baja California and upper Sonora and demanded the dismissal of the owner of that area, Desireé Sagarnaga. The company Reacción Médica del Norte de Chihuahua, beneficiary of a contract of 20 million pesos, is pointed out. The problem is that the official worked there, who is accused of opacity and acts of corruption in the management of federal resources during the pandemic. The activists also denounced the contract of the lira and Hernández company for 16 million pesos for the acquisition of toners and even a repair of the bathroom of the office of delegate Sagarnaga for 342 thousand pesos. Zoé Robledo was asked to carry out an audit of the delegation or request the audit of the Superior Audit Office of the Federation. The complaint is made on the eve of the work tour of Baja California of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.LA DECISION OF THE Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in the contradiction of thesis 39/2021 that I advanced yesterday that Minister Juan Luis González Alcántara prepares, is particularly important because it establishes jurisprudence that is mandatory for all judges and magistrates, and even for the chambers of the same Court. That is why a great battle is looming in the constitutional court around the model of the country, health regulation and the type of freedoms. All this is decanted from the constitutionality of the precept of the General Law for Tobacco Control. There is also no shortage of those who see in this matter a topic of peculiar interest for Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell, who would be directing his batteries to position himself in the World Health Organization as a true anti-smoking “Taliban”, futureing an international career after the disastrous management of the pandemic. YESTERDAY THE LAWYERS of Grupo Pochteca appeared at the Financial Intelligence Unit for a legal hearing to hear first-hand the reasons why one of its subsidiaries was entered into the Blocked Persons List. Armando Santacruz’s consortium is indicated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as a possible importer of fentanyl precursors, information that was supported with inquiries by the hounds of Santiago Nieto and Cisen, commanded by Audomaro Martínez. During the recent visit made to Mexico by the U.S. delegation, a list of 50 pharmaceutical groups suspected of participating in these illicit activities was left, which will be under the magnifying glass of the Mexican side. NOW IT TURNS OUT THAT the Secretary of Tourism is acting as a publicist for Aeromar before the ministries of Guatemala and Honduras. The company took advantage of the need of its pilots, overchardinggos and other personnel, to whom it has withheld payments of ISR, defaulted on Infonavit fees, insurance of medical expenses and reduced salaries 30%. Miguel Torruco became the interlocutor of the airline of Zvi Katz without knowing the critical financial situation and is promoting a work tour from 24 to 27 of this month to Guatemala and Petén for the Project of Reactivation of the Connectivity of the Mayan World between Guatemala, Honduras and southern Mexico, in which the air operator will be, precisely, katz’s company and directed by Danilo Correa.FINALLY the Secretary of Finance appeared and, as was logical, he had to swallow toads before the international community and rating agencies with the electrical counter-reform. During his participation in the seminar of the Atlantic Council, Rogelio Ramírez de la O joined the charge to fill with praise the initiative of his boss, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and attack the private companies that used the previous scheme. There is no acceptance that the initiative will affect the well-being of the population because it will dislocate public finances, hit the floating index of competitiveness and the economy, and collapse the environment.

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