2021 my year of greatest learning

Over the years I have been characterized as a man “thrown in front” that outrages me injustices, abuses and perverse and / or perverted decisions. I have defended very noble causes in terms of health and education, as I have left many samples in my social networks of Roberto el Güero Cruz such as my accompaniment, support and solidarity with the bravest children of all Sinaloa in their fight against cancer, or as the defense of uniforms and school supplies against an abusive act of the State Government when it tried to snatch their school uniforms and I gave myself the task of organizing thousands of families in a massive injunction unprecedented in the history of our state, against an abuse of power. In the same way my positions in the tribune as a deputy always brave, defending citizen causes or supporting small entrepreneurs in my time as secretary of state economy. Right here, in this space for reflection in my column En Marcha for the newspaper EL DEBATE (which I greatly thank the entire family of EL DEBATE for these three years) I have always sought to criticize politicians and translate proposals towards citizens that in many cases I have taken to the State Congress as citizen initiatives of law. I like the image I have built of being a brave man with values, I would not say intelligent, I owe that to the advice of my parents, sisters, wife, children, friends and the work of my team. However, today I want to share with you that what I learned in all these years of political work and especially this 2021 election year in which for the first time I was a candidate, I learned two things; you must beware of those politicians who call themselves “honest, democrats and worthy representatives of the opposition” when in fact they serve perverse interests and manifest perverted behaviors based on which they make decisions. Well says the saying “in politics when a decision is inexplicable, only two answers remain … money and sex.” However, I remember from my readings in my years at the Tec, a German writer, Frederick Nietzsche, “the one who fights monsters must always be careful not to end up becoming another monster”. The second thing I learned is that the only lawsuit that is won is the one that is avoided; and through agreements, prudence, patience and dialogue you can achieve much more to help people instead of just making strident criticisms, since the real struggle is the defense of citizen causes but with intelligence and will, not with lawsuits or stridency. With everything I have learned, the experiences lived and the strength transmitted to me by my children Yass, Sergio, Roberto and César as well as my nephews Emilio and María (which is about to come), today I feel at my best to start building the best years of my professional career, not only for the victories that are coming, but because I am convinced that my efforts to defend the sinaloans will begin more and more to translate into achievements to help make Sinaloa a better place to live every day, more prosperous, healthy, educated and peaceful. My father is very right to say “the past will never be better” and the future I see clearly with a smile. I’m ready for 2022, and you, are you ready?

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