Michelle Bachelet and the next government of Gabriel Boric: “It will be a very challenging moment, because the country was quite polarized even before the campaign”

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet referred to the election of Gabriel Boric as the future president of the country.
“I can only talk about this as a former president of the Republic of Chile and as a citizen, because as High Commissioner I cannot give political opinions about it,” Bachelet warned, speaking to CNN International.
In this sense, he assured that he analyzed the government programs of the two candidates who went to the second round, noting that Gabriel Boric’s “takes charge of the things that must be improved in our country.”
“Each government implements improvements, but there are still pending issues such as social justice, increasing women’s rights and diversities, improving people’s economic conditions, improving pensions and the pension system, implementing the New Constitution,” he continued.
“There are many challenges to improving people’s lives and I agree with the things that need to be done to improve the lives of my compatriots,” he added.
Bachelet said of Boric that she “understands that he is going to be the President of all Chileans, of those who voted for him, of those who did not vote for him and of those who did not go to vote.”
“It will be a very challenging time, because the country was quite polarized even before the campaign. We saw that in 2019 there was a huge social outburst with people on the streets, which was a complex political moment. And it will be difficult because he is young, but on the other hand there are many people who want to support him. I think he chose the right people to accompany him,” she added.
“People must be made to believe that they have to be part of the solution, that somehow they must be invited to discuss the solutions and that people feel represented and identified in participating in this Government,” he concluded.

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