With a letter, Simeone celebrated his 10 years at the helm of Atletico Madrid

Diego Pablo Simeone left Racing in 2011 with a personal challenge of managing Atlético de Madrid, a club to which he had promised to return, and which at that time was struggling with a deep economic crisis and the permanence in La Liga of Spain. Since then, the “Cholo” became a legend and changed the history of the club. This year, when the end of a 2021 is approaching where the club says goodbye as the last champion of La Liga, but with a bad present of defeats in the Champions League and the local tournament, the Argentine coach decided to express all his feelings with a letter on social networks. Addressed punctually to the fans of Atletico, Simeone recalls the times lived, the victories and defeats, but makes a specific focus on his managers. “They always knew how to transmit everything I feel about this game on the field, thus getting us excited and making us feel proud,” he says.
In addition to telling about the support he received from the directors in his first part, the “Cholo” focuses on the present, which is not good in relation to what the capital club is used to in recent seasons, precisely with the Argentine at the helm of the first team. ” Being together, from fans, players, managers and coaching staff, we will continue to fight for our goals!! I only know one way, that of work and effort!”, he closes confirming his gratitude to the fans and a wish for these holidays. 
Throughout his 10 years as coach, Simeone managed to conquer eight titles: two La Liga titles, a Spanish Super Cup, a Copa del Rey, two Europa League and two European Super Cups, with the thorn of having reached two Champions League finals and having fallen in the ring to Real Madrid (2014 and 2016)Diego Simeone’s full letter to the fans of Atlético de Madrid
“Dear Fans of Atlético de Madrid: It is 10 years since my arrival as a coach and I did not want to spend the day without ceasing to thank your support from the first moment. It is inevitable that countless memories of moments spent together, enormous joys and sorrows that we have been overcoming come to me… To Miguel Ángel and Enrique for giving me the opportunity to return as a coach to which I always felt my home… but above all to the players who knew how to always transmit everything I feel for this game on the field, thus getting excited and making us feel proud of our team. To all those who accompanied me within my coaching staff, working and looking to improve ourselves day by day. And to the employees of the club for always being aligned on the same path, that of the PARTY TO PARTY. Today we are going through a difficult time in terms of results and, from what I feel, I want to convey that being together, from fans, players, managers and coaching staff, we will continue to fight for our goals! I only know one path, that of work and effort! I still wish you a merry Christmas and a lot of health to all! Diego Pablo Simeone”.

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