Priest of Valparaiso questions the political class and calls to pray for Boric: “Let us pray for this boy (…) and let us leave the demons buried.”

The priest Óscar Zamora, of the Nuestra Señora de Andacollo church on The Ramaditas hill in Valparaíso, was the protagonist of a viral video on social networks, in which he questions the political class and called to pray for President-elect Gabriel Boric.
The priest said that people showed him reservations about the future government of Gabriel Boric. “What are we going to do now … Now that the communists are going to govern?” they asked him, according to the video.
“Who are the ones who have shit on us for 40 years? If it hasn’t been the communists, who were they? Let’s start with the Christian Democracy that sold the country and then all those on the right and those inclined to the left, who were not communists, are the ones who have deceived Chile,” Father Zamora said.
The priest indicated that they are “the ones who have us without housing, without education, without health and we are scared because Boric is going to govern us. Stop fucking up, please.”
“I demand of the Christian people that we pray for this boy (Boric) and that we leave the ghosts buried because those who have killed the Chileans have not been the communists,” he continued.
“As Christians, let us pray for the fatherland, and let us leave the demons buried,” he reiterated.

Video via Twitter: @Carolonline

Original source in Spanish

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