More than 35,000 families of the AMBA received 2022 without electricity

Given the sharp increase in energy consumption due to high temperatures, more than 35,000 families were victims of the terrible service of the electricity companies and began 2022 with power cuts in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA) and had to make the New Year’s toast in the dark. In this sense, it was reported that almost all of those affected corresponded to the area of the Edesur company, which is responsible for supplying the neighborhoods of southern Buenos Aires and also in the southern districts of the Conurbano, as well as in part of those in the west. There were 36,839 users who suffered power cuts at midnight on Friday, when families were gathered to say goodbye to 2021. In detail, 36,472 corresponded to Edesur, mainly due to failures in the Medium Voltage network (3 in Almirante Brown; and 34,794 in the City of Buenos Aires).

Likewise, there were problems in the Low Voltage System that caused blackouts in 101 homes in Avellaneda; 1,374 from the City of Buenos Aires; 66 by Esteban Echeverría; 43 of Lanús; 75 of Lomas de Zamora; 4 by President Perón; and 15 of San Vicente. While with respect to Edenor, there were 367 homes affected by the power cuts: 147 in Villa Martelli suffered interruptions in the Medium Voltage electricity service and 28 families in Villa Ortúzar; 30 of Villa Urquiza; 23 of General Rodríguez; 27 of La Matanza; 38 of Moreno; 6 of Morón; 17 of Pilar; 19 of San Miguel; and 32 of Tigre had
inconveniences in the Low Voltage network.

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