Mammana: “I was about to throw myself on the train tracks”

Central defender Emanuel Mammana, who will have his second stint as a River Plate player, spoke in an interview about the hard times he had to go through before becoming a professional player, a key event in his life and his arrival to the cast “Millonario.En diálogo con el programa Un Buen Momento de Radio La Red, Mammana said she tried to kill herself: “I was about to go to train, after two months had passed that I didn’t want to know anything more. I went alone to take the train, I saw that the train was coming and I kind of didn’t feel like anything anymore and when I was about to throw myself they grabbed me by the neck of the shirt and threw me against the wall. That person farted me. I don’t know who he is, but the truth is that today I thank him from the heart. Today I have my family and my children. I know my parents wouldn’t have wanted that to happen.” When many tell me that I had hard injuries, the truth is that I have gone through other things and I always say that this is not hard. It’s ugly times to have to wait six months to play, but it’s things that bounce back. Hard things are others. I was unlucky enough to lose my parents. That’s tough,” the former Zenit Russia player said of the loss of his family. In turn, Mammana spoke about the shortcomings in her childhood: “Money is the least, the important thing is to be happy and play where I am happy. I grew up with nothing. When I was a kid I ate thanks to the merchandise that River gave me. Today with having the right and necessary I am happy.” On the other hand, the defender referred to his possible return to River: “Things with River are quite advanced. I’m making a very big effort because I want to go home. God willing, maybe we’ll turn around. When the chance arose I asked for everything to be rejected. I didn’t want to hear any offer other than the return to River.”

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