Marcel said his role at the Treasury will be to “help create the conditions” to fulfill “established commitments to citizenship.”

“According to what we discussed with the President, my specific role will be to help create the economic, financial and operational conditions so that the commitments established with the citizens can be fulfilled.” This is how Mario Marcel described the role he will play from March 11 as Gabriel Boric’s new finance minister. The confirmation of his appointment brought indices of tranquility in the markets and although he was not present at the official ceremony where his name was announced for being close contact of a case with Covid-19, he delivered his perceptions through a public statement. On the approaches of his work, he indicated that Boric “understands” that the fulfillment of the government program “requires advancing step by step, with dialogue and fiscal responsibility, but also with determination, ensuring the legitimacy and sustainability of the changes.” With this, the economist assured that he will arrange his “experience” with “the conviction that, if we all cooperate to make the changes that the country longs for, we will surely have a positive sum game.” Regarding his work team, he said that they will have “the capacity for dialogue to complete an orderly solution to the crisis that the country has experienced in recent years, reduce uncertainty in the economy, generate the resources and capacities required for the implementation of the government’s agenda, control the growth of public debt and lay the foundations for sustained and sustainable growth in the coming years.”

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