The primary fiscal deficit was 3% of GDP in 2021; Nicholas Kreplak maintained that "the conditions are given" to make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory; Gabriel Boric presented to his Cabinet: 14 women and 10 men, unprecedented for Chile; Three years have passed since the death of Emiliano Sala; and so on…

1. The primary fiscal deficit was 3% of GDP in 2021

Economy Minister Martin Guzman said that “the primary fiscal deficit fell 3.5 points from output. It’s a very strong fall. Virtuous fiscal consolidation is taking place.” I continued reading here… 2. Nicolás Kreplak maintained that “the conditions are given” for the Covid-19 vaccine to be mandatory

The Buenos Aires Health Minister said that the debate should take place in the National Congress and that it will serve to “disarm myths.” “It would help a lot to save lives,” he said. I kept reading here… 3. Argentina asked Interpol to arrest Mohsen Rezai, accused of the AMIA bombing, in Moscow

The detention was requested by the AMIA Fiscal Unit; consider it unlikely that he will be arrested. I kept reading here… 4. Gabriel Boric presented to his Cabinet: 14 women and 10 men, unprecedented for Chile

This Friday morning the president of Chile announced the 24 ministers who will accompany him in the debut of his future government that will begin on March 11, 2022. I continued reading here… 5. Three years since the death of Emiliano Sala

The 28-year-old Argentine footballer suffered a plane crash in the English Channel on January 21, 2019. I kept reading here… 6. Sebastian, the dog who shared his resume to be adopted

“I’m good, cute, I have an excellent CV… I just ask for love,” the street posted on social networks and went viral. I kept reading here… 7. Chilean Justice Granted Conditional Release to Facundo Jones Huala

The leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance was detained in that country serving a nine-year prison sentence for the 2013 fire of a private property in Pisu Pisue, near Valdivia. I continued reading here… 8. Cristian Alarcón won the 2022 Alfaguara Novel Award

The jury chose the Chilean narrator and chronicler based in Argentina for his novel “El tercer paraíso”, which will be published under the label that organizes the contest on March 24. I continued reading here… 9. Shocking images of the floods in Carmen de Patagones

The heavy rains that hit this Thursday with force to the south of the Province of Buenos Aires left impressive scenes, like the one that occurred in a field of Carmen de Patagones, where the water accumulated so much that it exceeded the height of the windows of a house. I continued reading here…

In addition: Storms caused damage to Ezeiza International Airport
10. Trap, ska, pop and reggaeton: 14 musical premieres for your weekend

Wherever you are from we share the best musical releases of this week so you can update your playlists with the latest from local and international artists. I kept reading here…

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