UDI deputies demand the Government to decree a state of emergency in the Tarapacá region due to the wave of violence

The violent events that have happened in the Tarapacá region during the last few days have generated the concern of the citizens. Faced with this scenario, the caucus of deputies of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) asked the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, to decree a state of constitutional exception in the area.
“The situation is overwhelmed. All the actions that have been implemented have not generated the desired effect,” said UDI deputy Renzo Trisotti.
“Citizens are afraid, afraid, but also anger and helplessness. That is why as a caucus we have asked the President to be able to decree the State of Constitutional Emergency Exception throughout the region,” he added.
The senator for the Tarapacá region, Luz Ebensperger (UDI), also commented on the situation in the north: “The Government has failed to control crime and migration.”
In turn, he indicated that the situation has been warned for a long time and that “the area is taken over by organized crime, because with the migratory crisis who wants to enter.” He also commented that “Iquique and Alto Hospicio are devastated, because these events happen every day.”
She also added that every time the extension of the state of emergency for La Araucanía is renewed, she has requested the same for her region arguing that there is an increase in “violent crimes, organized crime and the amount of weapons.”
Finally, he warned that on January 31 there will be “an indefinite strike, people will come out to defend themselves, because the State has been unable to defend the Tarapaqueños.”

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