Female reproductive system discovered within a man

A 67-year-old man decided to have surgery on what for him was a hernia like any other to have a better quality of life; however, doctors involved in the surgery made an unexpected discovery by finding an ovary, fallopian tube and uterus attached to an undescended testicle, according to Urology Case Reports.   The patient, who is a father of three, always led a normal life until he began to feel bothered by the alleged hernia. But, according to Science Direct, what he actually had was a “persistent Müllerian duct syndrome is a rare form of male pseudohermaphroditism detected coincidentally during a cryptorchidism or inguinal hernia surgery.” The patient went to a specialist because they have a swelling on the left side of the groin, a condition that persisted for about 10 years. Read more: Video. Save yourself who can! Ladrón abandons his family during persecution in Michoacán”The patient had normal primary and secondary sexual characteristics. On physical examination he presented a male with musculoskeletal and male middle hairiness, well-developed penis with urethral opening in the glans, “can be read in the publication. Doctors examined the case in detail, which was quite rare in the patient because of the way it was found. They then proceeded to surgery to remove the abnormal structures successfully, as they reported no complications.” The patient went through preoperative preparation and procedures, including laboratory tests, necessary consultations with specialists and the written consent form for surgery”Read more: The day when thousands of people saw more than 20 UFOs in Brazil”When opening the inguinal canal sigma was found in hernial sac, a pear-shaped structure resembling a uterus, scrotal sac containing the fallopian tube and testicle, was subsequently found. In the abdominal wall on the same side, a testicle was found attached to four connected formations, formations that did not macroscopically resemble a normal ovary,” the publication explained.

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