They manifest themselves in CVIVE Los Mochis; demand decent housing

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Neighbors of neighborhoods such as Marcelo Loya, San Francisco, June 28 as well as the Port of Topolobampo, in the municipality of Ahome, demonstrated this morning at the offices of CVIVE The Mochis.La intention is to make the authorities aware of the situation of hundreds of families who do not have decent housing or, they do not have the legal certainty of ownership and even basic public services. Read more: They hold a regional consultation forum on women in AhomeFrom an early hour, they gathered outside the facilities of the state agency with the intention of being received by the delegate of the northern zone in order to achieve an agreement that gives them peace of mind. Opera Estudio de Los Mochis program presented
Graduated from the Communication Sciences Career by the UdeO (now UadeO) Los Mochis unit. In 2007 she began her professional career as a reporter and host of the news program Hechos Mochis of the television company TVAzteca. A year later he went to the newspaper Noroeste giving coverage to the sources of Government, Business and Agriculture. Subsequently, he joined the ranks of the team of journalists of each editorial of EL DEBATE where he currently covers the areas of Politics, Government and Business. Among his professional training, he stands out among others, the journalism workshop Oveja Negra that EL DEBATE carried out in conjunction with the International Consulting company Máquina de Ideas. In addition to courses taught by INEGI related to electoral crimes and journalism, among others focused on journalism. In 2018 he was awarded by the Seminar of Mexican Culture, correspondent Los Mochis-El Fuerte and Guasave within the framework of the Day of Freedom of Expression See more

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