Emilia Mernes’ anger with a fan on social media

Undoubtedly, the couple of Emilia Mernes and Duki is one of the favorites of the new generations, and they faithful to their followers realize the love they have in networks, while sharing their routines, projects and desires. However, as everyone who is exposed to public life they are not exempt from criticism, and in the case of Emilia, he does not hesitate to correct or give his opinion when a comment is wrong. This was the case of what happened to a fan who criticized a mellow back and forth of the couple, alluding that they could talk to each other privately. It all started when Mermes posted “A shame but I admit that I am addicted to food asmr videos”, to which Duki quickly replied: “Na, well this is too much”, the dialogue continued with the wink of Emilia that put him underneath: “You are too good”, and the singer retorted: “And you my love?”
But apparently this follow-up, annoyed a user who wrote making a capture of the moment: “Someone who warns them that there is something called md (direct message)”. Message that Emilia answered asking: “What the fuck bothers you crazy. A desire to make you see, “fulminated the singer.

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