President Piñera after votes in the Plenary of the Convention: “It is important to understand that a Constitution is not a government program”

President Sebastián Piñera referred on Thursday to the panorama of the Constitutional Convention. The plenary session of the constituent body began this week with the votes – both in general and in particular – on the rules that will make up the new Constitution.
“It is important to understand that a Constitution is not a government program, (…) a Constitution is not a law, a Constitution is the framework of unity of projection that countries give for many decades, and that is why it is essential that a Constitution is not of some and not of others, that has been our problem for the last 40 years, “said the President after starting the construction of Line 7 of the Santiago Metro.
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“I have the impression that in the dialogue that is taking place in the Constitutional Convention there is a lack of better will, there is a lack of understanding of that transcendental aspect of projection,” the head of state continued.
“If we end up with a Constitution that continues to divide us, we will not have solved the great challenge we have of finding a Constitution that is the great framework of unity, stability, projection, and within that framework to be able to process our legitimate differences,” he added.
“That is the spirit that I ask of the constituents: to make a Constitution not to make a government program – for that we already have an elected government, and new governments will come in the future – not so that each one puts in the Constitution what one wants, but to make a Constitution for all Chileans and for many decades,” complemented Piñera.
Criticism from the right
Recall that the Convention approved on Tuesday, and in general, 14 of 16 articles of the Commission on Justice Systems, while Wednesday generally supported 28 of 36 articles of the State Form Commission. This Thursday, the body will vote in particular on the initiatives approved on Tuesday.
After Tuesday’s session, a group of right-wing conventionals declared themselves in “reflection”, and even considered the possibility of leaving the constituent body and working for the rejection in the face of the exit plebiscite.
“A group of conventionals from Vamos x Chile declared themselves in reflection. What is happening in the CC is very bad for the country and there has been no sign of moderation in the plenary. The aim is not to make a Constitution that unites us, but to pass machine and divide Chileans, “said the conventional Carol Bown (UDI).
However, the constituent assembly confirmed yesterday that they will not abandon the Convention and called on the conventional to “reflect”.

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