This is how celebrities react about Will Smith and his slap

After the tremendous slap that Will Smith, 53, gave to the host of the Oscars, Chris Rock, social networks immediately reacted on social networks, especially the Mexican showbiz that was tuning into the famous gala where they gather the top celebrities of international cinema. And although some congratulated the American actor for defending the honor of his wife, Jada Pinkett for the joke that comedian Chris Rock threw related to his alopecia, most crossed out Will Smith in the violent way in reacting, because according to him he could have attacked with a white glove or another type of way. ” Violence will never be the way, humiliations, mockery or “jokes” about physical or mental conditions or diseases, it is a form of violence unfortunately normalized, we need to learn to respect and set limits to be able to live in harmony and peace, “wrote Dulce María in networks. ” Violence is by no means justified. Blows will never be the way to defend any point, but to mock a woman who goes through a process of alopecia where no one knows the battles she is living before, so many people is also violence and ridicule, “writes Curvy Zelma. ” Words also hurt more than a blow…. Without the joke there would have been no violence. Everyone talks about what Will did and few talk about why he did it,” writes Romina Marcos, Niurka’s daughter. Ok. I have already read some explanations related to Jada’s lack of hair. If so, I think Will’s attitude is debatable. For those who do not know, after Will Smith passed controversy at the Oscars, he was the winner of the night as Best Actor and when he picked up his statuette he crumbled in tears apologizing for apologies, because his reaction was like that of any human being and everything for defending his wife. The last thing Will Smith said, in addition to apologizing to everyone, is that he hopes to be invited back to the gala, which takes place year after year, because the academy does not accept this type of action.  

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