Blanca Guerra responds to Eugenio Derbez about alleged mockery

Mexico. Days ago, Eugenio Derbez made public that Blanca Guerra would have mocked her work in the film No returns accepted, which caused her sadness and disappointment. In an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Eugenio Derbez said that Blanca Guerra would have been invited years ago to a private presentation of the aforementioned film and would behave towards him disrespectfully. In a sad scene of the film and before which the audience would cry, Derbez turned to look at what Blanca Guerra’s reaction would be like and she let out a tremendous laugh, shared the famous Mexican actor and producer.  Instagram photo @ederbez But now it is Blanca Guerra who talks about it and defends herself from the accusations and accusations that Eugenio Derbez launched against her and assures that she never mocked her work. Also in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Mrs. Blanca denies what Eugenio Derbez relates about her: “I have never been rude to anyone, and if Eugenio has that impression he is wrong, I do not know why he says it, the truth.” In addition, Blanca denies that Eugenio Derbez has invited her to see the film, as she indicates, but summoned the Coordinating Committee of the Mexican Film Academy, she also wishes success to the son of the first deceased actress Silvia Derbez.Blanca Guerra, originally from CDMX, is 69 years old and has filmed dozens of films for Mexican cinema since the seventies, among them Pedro Páramo, These ruins you see, Perro Callejero, Como México no hay dos and Una pura y dos con sal, muchas la lado del moro Vicente Fernández.Read more: “Olvidó que yo era un ser humano”: Laureano Brizuela remembers when Raúl Velasco sent him to jailIn addition, Mrs. Blanca Guerra has intervened in several Mexican telenovelas, in some intepretando to the villains as he did during 2012 in Abismo de pasión, next to Angelique Boyer and Livia Brito. After three hours, they manage to control forest fire on the Mexico-Toluca highway
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