Tijuana coach upset with result of his team against San Luis

Baja California.- This Wednesday the Liga MX began with the pending activity of Matchday 9 where Tijuana and Atlético de San Luis were the first to have action, a duel that was not full of goal actions and that either of the two teams could have taken the game but that in the end a draw to 1 was what defined the match, something that did not leave everyone happy, especially Sebastián Méndez, coach of Xolos who was upset by the result because he thought they could have gotten something better. After the final whistle, the coach of the border attended the media at a press conference where he pointed out that Tijuana deserved much more than the draw, even hinting that it lost two units instead of winning 1. He also revealed that the game being at home had to have proposed something much better to keep the 3 points that would have helped him a lot in the search to get into the fight for better places. Read more: Liga MX Femenil: Gloria Narváez returned to training with Puebla after her injury “We had opportunities to win it, we could have also lost it. At home we came strong and we needed the three points, because it costs us a lot of visitors. The greatest bitterness is for not having achieved the result,” lamented Sebastián Méndez. Tijuana even put to have left in the first half with several goals against but thanks to the crossbar that did not happen as 4 balls crashed into it. “We should have won this game and we couldn’t. It cost us and the ones we had, which were quite a lot, we could not materialize,” added the coach. He also regretted that this also came to harm the issue of quotient and is that Tijuana is one of the teams that are in trouble with the issue of fines and the points that he lets escape are very important for his fight, “The objective was the quotient, win points and in addition to finishing in the top 12 places”, Said. Read more: Liga MX Femenil: Alicia Cervantes boasts friendship with Pierre Emerik Aubameyang of BarcelonaWith the draw Tijuana was placed in 11th place with 15 points in Liga MX, with that position will start Matchday 13 this Thursday where Atlas and Necaxa will have participation, in the case of Xolos they will have to wait all weekend to be able to get into action, it will be until Monday, April 11 when he visits the Pachuca team, and by that time he will know which teams won and what places they could achieve in case of winning. 

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