Chocolate eggs, donuts and other options to give and share at Easter

Chocolate eggs are, along with donuts, the most symbolic tradition of Easter. Just as there are families who make their own eggs and donuts, there are those who prefer to buy them. That is why, as Easter approaches, the searches for alternatives that fit every taste grow, without neglecting the pocket. From homemade, artisanal and made by pastry shops to industrialists, we propose some options for the little ones. And also for the big ones.

PUROsaurs from Purocacao. Photo: Purocacao Press

Purocacao, the brand of artisanal chocolates, launched a special edition inspired by dinosaurs. This is PUROsaurios, a limited edition that combines a blend of American cocoa with an exclusive design. The collection is composed of four varieties: white (100 gr, $1,650 / 300 gr, $4,350 / 600 gr, $9,500), with milk (there are the same sizes and prices as whites), 70% Peru (100 gr, $1,650 / 300 gr, $4,500 / 600 gr, $9,650) and 94% cocoa, without sugar (there are the same sizes and prices as 70% Peru).
Katia Iovine, the pastry chef and creator of De las violetas, proposes a series of eggs that are a kind of cake. These are eggs that are filled and decorated with different preparations and toppings. At a cost of $1,500, this year’s options are: Chocohuevo (milk chocolate base, capable of brownie, dulce de leche mouse and candy topping), Frutal (white chocolate base, vanilla crispy, Lemon curd -the filling of lemon pie-, red fruit mousse, and coverage of bathed raspberries and white chocolate) and Tres sueños (semi-bitter chocolate base, dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate milk mousse mousse, and cereal topping with chocolate and chocolate ganache). In addition, it offers different varieties of threads that can be ordered through its Instagram @tiendadelasvioletas.

Rapanui and an offer of eggs for all tastes. Photo: Rapanui Press

Rapanui offers a wide variety of eggs (all suitable for celiacs) that start from $ 300 with milk chocolate eggs of 40 gr, to more than $ 2,000 for eggs that come filled with different creams and preparations. In addition, there are chocolate rabbits from $ 220 and different options that can be ordered through the online store.

Easter box with French accent, by Gontran Cherrier. Photo Gontran Cherrier

In addition to the classic Easter threads, Gontran Cherrier proposes a French-style Easter Box that includes: a 1 kilo thread, a petit gateau, a milk chocolate ingot, two rabbit diamond cookies and a dulce de leche and chocolate croissant, at a price of $ 4,500.

Vanilla or chocolate cookies, from Mada Patisserie. Photo: Mada Patisserie

Mada Patisserie has different Easter thread options and, on the other hand, is distinguished with vanilla or chocolate cookies with special designs for the occasion. Boxes with 6 units of cookies cost $1,800 and those with 12 units, $3,600.

Republican offers a braided Easter thread. Photo: Republican

Republican proposes an Easter donut in braided version, filled with pastry cream and decorated with cherries from a local producer in San Juan and filleted almonds combined with sugar glass as a topping, at a cost of $ 850.

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