Rafael Nadal: “I hope to go to Paris”

After falling to Canadian Denis Shapovalov in the knockout stages of the Masters 1000 in Rome, Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal spoke at a press conference about the physical problems he has had in recent months. I am not injured, I am a tennis player who lives with an injury. It’s nothing new, but sadly, my day-to-day life is difficult. I am trying very hard, but there are times when it is difficult to accept this situation. It’s frustrating to see that for days I can’t train continuously. Today I started to feel a lot of pain in the middle of the second set and it was absolutely impossible to play for me,” said the winner of 21 Grand Slam.Al being asked about the discomfort he has, Nadal commented: “It’s a permanent pain, sometimes more and sometimes less, but today was crazy. I would love to be able to say something else, talk about tennis, but this is what there is. No matter how much experience I have, it’s hard to manage what I feel now. When I’m not able to move well everything is very difficult.” Right now it is impossible for me to play, but maybe in a few days things will be better. In Paris I’m going to have my doctor next to me and that can help me, but I don’t know. I am very sad today, but I have no choice but to accept what happened and fight to move forward, even if it is not easy for me at this time. I don’t know how I will be in a few days, I’m going to talk to my doctor, but I hope I can go to Paris,” the Spaniard said of his participation in the second Grand Slam of the year.

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