Before the beginning of the State of Exception, werkén of the CAM Rafael Pichún assures that in the face of the acts of violence “there are other organizations that have to speak”

Summoned by the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, dozens of Mapuche community members demonstrated in the front of the Temuco prison to defend their “political prisoners” before the beginning of the state of emergency decreed by the Government of President Gabriel Boric and that has again deployed the Armed Forces for the protection of the sector.
One of the people who commanded this mobilization was the werkén of the CAM, Rafael Pichún, who maintained that they arrived at the penitentiary center to support Daniel Canío, a Mapuche prisoner in that establishment.
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“We have come here as an organization to give support to the Mapuche political prisoner Daniel Canío, who is kidnapped in the Chilean prison and also to give support to all the Mapuche political prisoners who are in different prisons in this country, Chile. We also come to give support to Luis Vásquez Tramolao, who is imprisoned in Angol,” he said.
“We as an organization have reached different points of Wallmapu, from all the territories where our communities are in territorial control, that we have come to give support to our prisoners,” he added.
However, Pichún refused to refer to the measure implemented by the Government of President Gabriel Boric and also to the different acts of violence registered in the south of the country before the decree of the measure, where in Tirúa a series of shots were registered in the framework of a road blockade in the sector.
“We are a political organization. We have also declared an organization that has mobilized in the territorial controls and from there we are giving support to our prisoners,” he said.

“Those are other types of organizations, they will have to talk,” he concluded.

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