Operation Renta 2022: reviews how long it can be made and the payment tranches of the returns

The Internal Revenue Service gave a longer deadline for the completion of Operation Income 2022. During the process that was initially until April 21, there were some problems on the web, which led to the extension of the procedure that must be carried out mandatorily.
Operation Income or also known as F22, is the declaration of income or annual income made by taxpayers, companies and individuals, to comply with tax obligations in the year.
Those who carried out the procedure during the first term that was until April 21, received the payment of their return on May 12. But there are still three payment terms for those who made the tax obligation in the extended bands.
Until when can the tax procedure be carried out?
The Internal Revenue Service gave until 23:59 today to make the tax obligation of income tax return road or failing that the refund request. In this process it will not apply for tax returns.

[OPERACIÓN RENTA 2022] New deadline: only if your return is without payment can you submit it until May 19. pic.twitter.com/TIy3oZStQR
— SII (@SII_Chile) May 12, 2022

When are the payment dates for returns?
For those who completed the procedure from April 22 to 29, they will receive their refund this Thursday, May 19. Those who did so from April 30 to May 10 will have their payment on May 26. While those who carried out the procedure from May 11 to May 19, will receive the amount on June 17.

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