Patricia Bullrich: “If I have to be president I will deploy the measures on the first day”

The head of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, said that if she has to be president she will “deploy all the measures from day one,” and she will not apply the gradualism that she attributes to the management of former President Mauricio Macri. If I have to be president I will deploy all the measures on the first day, I will have everything ready, all the laws prepared so that all the changes in terms of regulations on tax issues, labor issues, taxes, are noticed, “he said during an interview with El Diario de España. “Not like in our government, where we were showing things separately. No. We are going to make a total deployment. So I hope to earn the trust as soon as possible,” he continued. As for any negative point about Macri’s management, the former Minister of Security considered that it was “having separated a lot from his ideas and having had a marketing team that limited him a lot.” In addition, on her participation in the decision table of the Cambiemos government, Bullrich said that “she was quite isolated.” “With that team, especially with Marcos (Peña, the former chief of staff), I always had strong debates,” he revealed. Asked about next year’s election, Bullrich urged caution, saying that “until the votes are counted, nothing is won.” Finally, he also analyzed the position of Alberto Fernández and expressed that “he ends up being a barrel in Argentine history.” “Nobody is going to remember our president and, when they remember, they are going to grab their heads,” he concluded.  

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