The keys to the Unexpected Income Tax project; Morales charged against Macri again and the former president responded; The Brazilian Justice decides today whether or not to accept a request from Darthés; A new polar wave is coming in much of the country; and so on…

1. The keys to the Unexpected Income Tax project that is presented this afternoon

The project seeks to tax windfall profits from rising international prices stemming from the war between Russia and Ukraine. I kept reading here… 2. Morales charged again against Macri and the former president responded

“I have to stop this onslaught of the former president against radicalism,” said the head of the UCR; the PRO leader considered the letter against him “excessive” and “inopportune”.  3. Changes in government: Kulfas resigns and Scioli takes office next week

The former official meets with President Alberto Fernández; the new minister will take office next week, after the Summit of the Americas. I continued reading here… 4. Rossi after Scioli’s appointment: “A new stage opens”

According to the new head of the AFI there is a “de-escalation of tensions” between the president and the vice president. I kept reading here…
Also: Espert crossed scioli: “A useless goes to a useless Ministry”
 5. The Brazilian Justice decides today whether or not to accept a request from Darthés

The federal judge in São Paulo will have to decide this afternoon whether he accepts or rejects a request for postponement by the defense of Juan Darthés. I continued reading here… 6. Coldplay breaks records and announces a tenth date in River: when tickets come out

The British band adds a new date in Argentina, as part of their “Music of the Spheres World Tour”. I continued reading here… 7. For the first time in two months: Covid-19 cases fell

46,045 infections were reported, 10% more than the previous seven days; however, the deaths grew. I kept reading here… 8. A new polar wave is coming in much of the country

The temperature will drop to levels similar to those recorded last week, with lows of 4°. I kept reading here… 9. After his five goals against Estonia, Messi is already in Argentina

The Argentine captain arrived in Rosario with Ángel Di María, Giovani Lo Celso and Rodrigo de Paul, and will start the holidays with his family. I kept reading here… 10. People enter a “dissociative state” when using social media

Have you ever looked up from social media and it turned out that hours had passed without you noticing? So you’re not alone. I kept reading here…

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