Yucatan Congress Approves Vicarious Violence as a Crime

The plenary session of the Yucatan Congress approved reforms to recognize vicarious violence as a crime.
During the extraordinary session of this June 7, congress approved the amendments to the Criminal Code of the entity, as well as to the Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence.
According to the initiative, vicarious violence is recognized as a crime committed exclusively against women; and whoever exercises it could spend up to 8 years in prison.

Vicarious Law is already LAW in Yucatan.
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— National Front Against Vicarious Violence (@FNCVVICARIA) June 7, 2022

The opinion establishes that “vicarious violence is committed by the spouse, ex-spouse, concubinary or partner, who through any act or omission uses the daughters or sons, relatives, adults, with disabilities, in a situation of dependence, pets or property of the victim, to cause some type of damage, generating a consequent psycho-emotional or physical affectation.”
Zacatecas is another entity that recognizes vicarious violence as a crime.

Vicarious violence
Vicarious violence is a concept that refers to the damage caused by the father to his daughters and sons to generate pain for the mother.
“Vicarious violence is that which is exercised against women through their children. That is, when mothers decide to break the cycle of violence with their aggressors, who are ex-partners, they take them away, hide them and manipulate them as revenge,” explained Jennifer Seifert, founder of the National Front against Vicarious Violence.
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