First case of monkeypox detected in Quintana Roo

In the state of Quintana Roo, the local Ministry of Health reported the first case of monkeypox.
On July 18, the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) detailed that it is a male patient of legal age who requested medical attention on July 11.
The Institute mentioned that the confirmation of the diagnosis is given after the patient presented skin injury, fever, headache and muscle pain.

Through a statement released on social networks, the Ministry of Health said that the patient was placed in isolation.

#Comunicado On July 18, the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) notified the confirmation of the first case of monkeypox in Quintana Roo.
— SESA Quintana Roo (@SESA_QROO) July 18, 2022

So far, it is reported that the patient is stable and remains in isolation.
What is monkeypox?
According to health authorities, monkeypox is usually a self-limiting disease, that is, with symptoms that last for 2 to 4 weeks. The discomforts are usually fever, skin rash and swollen lymph nodes.
Monkeypox is a disease that is transmitted from one person to another by contact with injuries, body fluids, respiratory droplets, and contaminated materials such as bedding.
Therefore, prevention measures are recommended such as the use of masks, social distancing, cleaning and disinfection of spaces, as well as hand washing, covering the mouth with the internal angle of the elbow when coughing or sneezing, as well as social isolation in case of presenting symptoms such as fever, body discomfort and skin rashes in various parts of the body.
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In addition, it is pointed out that the population should not self-medicate but go to the doctor in public or private institutions in case of presenting symptoms.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the clinical picture of monkeypox resembles that of smallpox, however, the former is less contagious and causes less severe disease.
However, it is recommended to maintain prevention measures as it could cause medical complications in patients with compromised immune systems.
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