The increase of the Subway and Premetro was made official: how much the ticket will cost

The Buenos Aires government made official this Friday the 40% increase in the subway fare, which will take the value of the ticket from $ 30 to $ 42, and an increase of $ 15 in the premetro, the new fare table will take effect at the end of next September. This was confirmed by the president of the state company Subeterráneos de Buenos Aires, Mauro Alabuenas, during a public hearing convened to discuss the new tariff table. In this context, union leaders of the subway workers’ union and legislators of the Left Front denounced a “tariff” that “hits the pocket” of users of the transport network. The increase in the value of the subway passage is in line with the increases provided by the national government on the rates of buses and trains that circulate in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA), reported Alabuenas. The transport system of the AMBA must be taken in an integral way and the rates of that system must be in balance, “said Alabuenas.Also, he justified the increase in a 159% increase in the operating costs of the service since the last update, in April 2021; while he said that the coronavirus pandemic caused a fall in the number of passengers transportedNew fare table
The subway ticket increase, which will be applied at the end of next month, will be as follows:
Subway goes from $ 30 to $ 40.
The Premetro will go from $10.70 to $25.70.

Despite the change in the fare table, the discount of the SUBE network and the benefit for frequent subway passengers will continue in force, which in case they take make more than 20 routes have a discount of 20%, when they make more than 30 they have a bonus of 30% and when they make more than 40 trips it is 40%.

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