Cristiano Ronaldo received a violent blow to the face and raised concerns

On the occasion of the fifth day of the UEFA Nations League, the Portuguese striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, received a strong blow that left him stunned and with his nose bleeding non-stop, a situation that worried the doctors who treated him.   The captain of the Portuguese National Team went to dispute a ball and, in an unintentional defensive action, the Czech goalkeeper Tomás Vaclik hit him hard in the face. The player fell to the ground and quickly the doctors entered the field to assist him. In the images, Ronaldo can be seen taking his face with both hands and bleeding from his nose, a fact that worried doctors. However, after the observations he returned to the field of play to play the match. Finally, Ronaldo was happy for the triumph in his social networks and was able to complete the entire match in which his team reached the victory with 4 to 0, thanks to the goals of Dalot -twice, Bruno Fernández and Diogo Jota.

Big jogo, important vitória equipa! We continue to focus non-objective noso
Obrigado ao público português pelo apoio fantástico. ❤️ — Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano)
September 24, 2022

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