Seremi de Salud initiates health summary against Costanera Center after suicide: they demand “urgent measures” to avoid such events

The Health Seremi of the Metropolitan Region, Gonzalo Soto, initiated a sanitary summary against the Costanera Center shopping center. This, after a suicide occurred yesterday inside the enclosure, when a man threw himself from the fifth floor, ending up hitting a woman. The authority decreed “prohibition of access to the perimeter of risk” and demanded “urgent measures” to avoid such situations.
“Among the urgent and necessary measures that were demanded were the installation of a temporary physical barrier that blocks free access to railings from the 2nd to the 5th floor of the mall at a minimum distance of 60 centimeters from the railing, as well as the fixing of tables and chairs to prevent escalation and prevent its use in suicidal behavior,” said the Health Seremi of the MR in a statement.
“Although the implementation of measures by the shopping center was verified, these are not enough to avoid situations like the one that occurred yesterday. Along with this, the Seremi de Salud RM requested the administration of the shopping center that these provisional barriers be maintained until the mall implements a definitive solution, “they added.
Soto stressed that “we all contribute to suicide prevention, a task that should be seen as a responsibility, both of the authorities, the private sector, the media and citizens in general. It’s important that we all get actively involved in suicide prevention.”
Finally, from the Seremi recalled that citizens can contact Health Responds at 600 360 7777, where you can receive attention from specialists and perform containment actions against a suicide attempt or idea.
The population can also access the website of the Ministry of Health or Building Mental Health, where you can find preventive information, guides and support tools.

The Seremi of Health RM, Gonzalo Soto, initiated a sanitary summary to the Costanera Center shopping center, in which he demanded urgent measures to avoid suicidal behaviors and accidents. Learn more 👇🏻
— Health Seremi RM (@SeremiSaludRM) October 19, 2022

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