Vanesa González stars in “El lado salvaje”: when does it premiere?

Juan Dickinson premieres “El lado salvaje”, the film starring Vanesa González, Osmar Núñez, Jorge Sesan, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Eva Bianco, Pablo Seijo, Sol Garcia and Horacio Pulido. It will hit the big screen on November 17. Clara (40) returns to the centennial Patagonian estancia, with Martína (8), her young daughter, after twenty years of absence. There her father, Daniel (75), awaits her, with whom Clara is estranged by an old and useless grudge.

The estancia has aged like his father and to the usual problems is added a pack of wild dogs that decimate the herds and stalk them. Clara must reach her ‘wild side’ to save her father, resolve his contradictions, and recover his family.” Since I got to know the wooded area of Tierra del Fuego – making the documentary ‘Dogs of the End of the World’ about the phenomenon of feral dogs – I was attracted by the mysterious and at the same time magical atmosphere of traditional wool establishments, many of them currently in crisis. So it occurred to us to undertake a long fiction, including the theme of dogs, but focused above all on the human values that this context allows, “said the director in a statement.

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