Fernández thanked Mexico for being the place “where many Argentines who had to go into exile found shelter.”

President Alberto Fernández stressed this afternoon that the replica of the mural “Portrait of characters: Gabriela Mistral and Berta Singerman” by Mexican artist Roberto Montenegro, is “a wonderful synthesis of what Latin America should be: place of communion and wherever we are”, on the work of a Mexican dedicated to a young Chilean and an Argentine. In the times we live in, where sometimes individualism is so cruel and leaves solidarity so aside, seeing the work of muralism, which is a team effort, should also call us to reflect on the wonders that can be done working together, “said Fernández.

At the same time, he highlighted the importance of Mexico because “it was a land where many Argentines who had to exile themselves from terror found shelter,” while inviting to celebrate “the art that Mexico gives us.” The President was accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Tristan Bauer; the Mexican writer and researcher, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller; the Secretary of Culture of that country, Alejandra Frausto; After simultaneously sealing the stamps of both countries, Gutiérrez Müller presented the Argentine president with a commemorative coin dedicated to Berta Singerman and a box with photographs of the Russian-Argentine artist. The mural was made by the Mexican painter Roberto Montenegro in 1922, at the request of the then Secretary of Public Education of that country, José Vasconcelos. The work synthesizes part of the manifesto of the Mexican muralist movement, in addition to the mystical and philosophical thought of Vasconcelos himself who considered that pictorial art should reflect the principles and customs of the people.

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