Lula da Silva was elected president for the third time with 50.83% of the vote

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won the runoff with 50.83% of the votes, compared to 49.17% that the current Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro monopolized, in a highly polarized election and with an escalation of violence never before seen since the return of democracy.
The Workers’ Party leader voted at a school in the town of San Bernarno, São Paulo, saying: “It’s the most important day of my life. Today Brazil defines a model of country, a model of organization, a model of life.” He added: “I am convinced to carry out a project of total democracy and popular politics.” Then, he kissed as a cabal the voucher he was given after marking his election at the polling stations. As of 17 this Sunday officially ended the runoff in Brazil, where some 150 million people voted, who were called to choose between the current president Jair Bolsonaro and former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.The current Brazilian president was confident in his triumph before voting in Rio de Janeiro: “God willing, we will be victorious this afternoon.” “The expectation is of victory,” said Bolsonaro, wearing a yellow Brazil T-shirt.
In the first round, Lula won by 48.4% to 43.3%, but Bolsonaro performed much better than the polls had predicted. The former president promises to “fix the country”, still impacted by the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic and its 688,000 deaths, which has been attributed to Bolsonaro’s mismanagement of the health crisis.

Source: Télam.

Lula has emphasized socioeconomic achievements in his two terms, between 2003 and 2010, when 30 million Brazilians were lifted out of poverty with social initiatives financed by a commodity export boom. Lula’s electoral program
The president-elect presented his government program last Thursday, October 27, and proposed “rescuing 33 million people and more than 100 million Brazilians from poverty from hunger,” reactivating the economy and investing in public education and health. A country of respect, employment, decent wages, dignified retirement, rights and opportunities, health, education, environmental preservation, respect for women, the black population and diversity and, above all, an unwavering commitment to democracy,” Lula summarized about the central points of his project.

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