President Boric details in conclave the axes of the Government in the coming years: pensions, health and national care system

The two pro-government coalitions that make up the Government, Democratic Socialism and I Approve Dignity, are in the Presidential Palace of Viña del Mar with President Gabriel Boric with the aim of agreeing on a road map for the coming months.
In a speech that began the official conclave, the president detailed the axes that will give way to the next three years of government. The President referred specifically to three pillars: the reform of the pension system, a new health system and the creation of a national care system.
“We have the challenge that when our government ends that horizon of changes will remain open,” he said.
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Looking ahead, the president said he hopes that the legacy of his mandate “will be that of a government that enshrines social rights in three pillars.”
First, he referred to the reform of the pension system. “It is very important that you, who are the first line of your defense, are on top of it. (The reform) assumes social security as a right and recognizes the effort of the people,” he added.
As a second pillar, he mentioned the creation of a health system that delivers “dignity to its users, with timely attention.” Finally, he pointed to the creation of a national care system and recognizing the large number of people who dedicate themselves to them, without remuneration or support.
“We are going to lay the foundations and it will be up to others to finish it, but it is something that they mention to us everywhere we go. These three elements I have no doubt that those present here share them,” he said.
“I want to reiterate my request as President that we must work tirelessly on it and, to achieve this, we need to have unity and that is the deepest meaning of this conclave,” he added, and then joked about how difficult his first months in power have been.
“It’s difficult to be an official, I’m super clear. They had warned me, I wasn’t so sure, I hadn’t touched myself,” he said with laughter from the attendees.
“Get out of the fight Girl”
Additionally, President Boric called on the ruling party to “get out of the small fight” and leave behind the frictions in the sector. “We have a giant challenge as a coalition to act together,” he said.

“Always in politics we have to be asking ourselves why we are here,” he reiterated at the beginning of his speech. He also reiterated that both Congress and La Moneda sometimes function as bubbles. “You know that I was a parliamentarian for eight years and now of La Moneda, which are sometimes bubbles that enclose and do not allow us to see clearly where we are located,” he said.
“I invite you to take the weight of the words we speak. We have seen in the rest of the world how democracy is at risk and Chile is not exempt from that,” he warned.
In that sense, the President pointed to the need to redistribute power and also to the idea of recomposing the country’s fabric with a rights-based society, the end of segregation and promoting integration. “Create a welfare state in order, following the path that others traced before,” he said.
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