Alberto Fernández replied to Máximo Kirchner: “No one ponders unity more than me”

After the harsh words of Máximo Kirchner when treating him as “adventurer” and having personal ambitions, President Alberto Fernández considered that look “wrong”: “No one has done more for unity than me and ponders unity more than me,” he remarked in a strong message to the internal Frente de Todos. ” They can accuse me of anything but making personal adventures,” the president said, adding that he “respects” the head of the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party, but that the governing coalition “does not have three or four leaders.” It’s the wrong look. What they criticize me the most and always point out is that I never wanted to convert Albertism, we are all fungible, some more necessary than others. I am part of a project, they can accuse me of anything, except for making personal adventures,” Fernández explained on Radio Futuröck.In addition, he recalled a “lesson” left by former President Juan Domingo Perón: “When a comrade speaks badly of another comrade he begins to stop being a Peronist,” he said. However, he quickly clarified that this was not a response to the leader of La Cámpora.

“I’m not answering him. Máximo has every right, he is a respectable man, I have a good opinion of him, in no way am I answering him. I respect him a lot, I respect everyone. Here no one is left over, we all need it; and therefore every opinion is valuable and respectable,” he added. In this sense, he continued: “I respect all visions, no one has done more for unity than me and ponders unity more than me. Ensuring that the right does not return to Argentina is a duty of those of us in this space. The Frente de Todos does not have three or four leaders. ‘Everyone’ is Argentines who are demanding changes they need.” On the other hand, he was asked about the 2023 elections and did not take a clear position on his possible re-election: “I have the decision that we win the elections in 2023 and I know it is possible. I’m sure it’s possible. I ask the comrades to help me with that, then we will discuss,” he said.

“Now we have to join efforts so that we can, as a government, move forward,” he remarked and pointed out that the important thing is “to solve the inflationary issue,” so he will do “what he has to do” to return joy to the people. Finally, he acknowledged that “when I need to talk to Cristina I call her” and confessed: “On the big issues with Cristina we agreed. Perhaps where there were the most differences was with the issue of the IMF agreement. If we didn’t agree this year we would have paid $19 million.” “If Cristina is convicted, I would distrust justice a lot,” he concluded.

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