Big Brother: the isolation in the house will be broken for a particular reason

Yesterday, Angel de Brito revealed that Big Brother will break the isolation for some participants for a very special reason. From LAM, the host said that on November 22, the day that the Argentine team debuts in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, some members will be able to watch the game, as long as they win the games proposed by the production. “The isolation of Big Brother is broken by some games they are going to do on the show. What is the prize? Break the isolation for a few hours,” De Brito began announcing in the show cycle. Then he developed: “On Tuesday 22 the isolation of Big Brother is broken because chosen will see the first game of the National Team. For this they will have to pass a test and win it. It is not yet known how many, one for sure. Several games are scheduled, they will be able to see only the matches of the National Team, not the entire World Cup, “he said. “There’s a balance game, for example. Another game with beams, they will have to stack cubes in a hammock. And there’s also going to be a Bresh-themed party, which is going to enter the Big Brother house. And all this has behind it an auspices of paintings, “he added. 
Anyway, from the Telefe Production, they have not yet confirmed anything or announced the new activities. 

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