Estefi Berardi’s criticism of Dalma and Gianinna for not encouraging the Argentine National Team

In the cycle “Mañanisíma” conducted by Carmen Barbieri was talking about the gift that Lionel Messi, made to Benjamin Agüero after the last game where the selection with a result of 3 to 0 was positioned in the final of the World Cup to be lived next Sunday, December 18 against France. The captain of the Argentine national team gave the son of Kun and Gianinna Maradona the shorts he wore during the match and the child happily uploaded the photo to his networks. But while commenting on this news, Estefi Berardi made a parenthesis and criticized very strongly the daughters of Diego Maradona, who did not manifest, at least publicly, support the Argentine team. “You saw that Gianinna and Dalma Maradona were not haranguing the National Team so much on social networks,” said the panelist and recalled: “The only post Gianinna made was about the Brazilians who paid tribute to Pelé and threw a stick like ‘how good that they honored him’, “he said. After Berardi’s statements, Carmen offered her theory on why Diego’s daughters are not shown celebrating the Qatar 2022 World Cup and said: “I think he reminds the father who is not there,” he said and added: “He reminds them that it is this World Cup without their dad, maybe it is running a little, they are not appearing in networks I guess because it is a sadness not to have it, ” analyzed the driver.

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