The president of Cassation said that “there were cases of judicial cruelty”

After the repercussions for the sentence received by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a little less than two weeks ago, Ana María Figueroa – president of Cassation – declared that “there were cases of judicial cruelty”, but asked to trust “in the three powers of the State”. In statements to AM 750 radio, Figueroa explained that “in a generalized way I cannot affirm it, but there were cases of judicial cruelty. I remember the eight summonses of Claudio Bonadio on the same day for Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.” However, the president of Cassation believes that there may be changes in the future. “There is a favorable environment within a large part of the judiciary to make changes in the justice system in coordination with the political branch. Never wanting to make a change from politics without the intervention of stakeholders is good. Judicial reform can be achieved, but an agreement must be reached,” he added. He also remarked that “the Judiciary is working hard and in many cases is up to the task.” It was in that sense that the magistrate asked to trust “in the three powers of the State” because “when any of them is attacked, the democratic system is actually attacked.”

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