The anger of Camila Homs with Rodrigo de Paul and the dedication in networks

Undoubtedly, the Argentine team is living the moment of greatest fullness in sporting terms, after winning the World Cup in the tournament that was played in Qatar. And after leaving the Middle East, the players and the technical team made a caravan to greet the people and show them the precious trophy. There it is estimated that around 6 million people crowded in different parts of Buenos Aires and Capital Federal to greet the “Scaloneta” and see the sports idols up close, but the operation had to be dismantled by the riots and finally the players made an overflight by the obelisk by helicopter to return each one to his home. It was then that Rodrigo de Paul went to meet his partner, Tini Stoessel to whom he dedicated romantic words, after the triumph and Camila Homs, turned to social networks to “indirectly” leave a message towards the father of his children. While on the one hand we saw the passionate encounter between Tini and De Paul, Cami put on her instagram: “You guys well, what wave?”, and then close with a “fuck you” that was interpreted for her ex-partner. Camila’s anger has to do with Rodrigo’s absence with their children, and that he chose to visit Tini, rather than the two children they share, who have not seen their father for more than 40 days.

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