Rodríguez Larreta: “The President decided to break the constitutional order”

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, said today that President Alberto Fernández “decided to break the constitutional order” by not complying with the ruling of the Supreme Court that ordered the return to the City of Buenos Aires of 2.95% of the mass of co-participable funds. The President decided to attack democracy. Since ’83 there is no precedent for a president not to comply with a ruling of the Court, “said the mayor. In a press conference, Rodríguez Larreta considered that “this is the worst attempt of a long list of attacks by Kirchnerism to annul Justice.” “That’s what they’re looking for,” he said. And he warned: “Our idea of a nation is at stake. At stake is whether we are going to remain a democratic republic.” The head of government said that complying with the Constitution “is not optional” and pointed against the governors who met yesterday with the president at Casa Rosada, before the communique in which the Presidency reported that they would not abide by the resolution because they considered it “impossible to fulfill.” I am very surprised that some governors accompany this attack on justice, they know the institutional danger that this entails,” he said. “Today they are supporting a national government so that it can arbitrarily take funds from any autonomous district,” he added. And he warned: “Today it is with the City, but tomorrow it can be anyone.”
“This is not against the City, this is against the Constitution, against legal security, against any possibility of Argentina developing. Who is going to trust a country where the decisions of the Court are not respected, where the president does not respect them?” Rodriguez Larreta said that this ruling “does not harm at all” the rest of the provinces, as they maintain in the ruling party, and spoke again to the provincial governors, with a ‘stick’ to the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof. “When they took away the co-participation, you governors, were not given a peso, because everything was given to the Province of Buenos Aires,” he said. Regarding the steps to follow, he reported that the City will make a presentation to the Court informing the non-compliance and that, in addition, they will denounce the agencies and officials “who are responsible for failing to comply with this ruling.” Together for Change is working and analyzing other judicial and legislative actions,” he added. Today we have to cling to the Constitution. The force of the law was, is and will always be our best weapon against authoritarianism,” Rodríguez Larreta continued. And he emphasized: “I have no doubt that this Kirchnerist way of understanding power is ending, they are the last reflexes in a country that has already decided to change.” Let’s go deep. We cannot allow the Constitution to be violated,” he concluded.

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