Undersecretary Monsalve and special prison for indigenous peoples: “It is a matter that is under evaluation”

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, referred to the possibility that the Government of President Gabriel Boric create a special prison for people who are part of the native peoples.
In this regard, the authority commented that “it is a matter that is under evaluation and in this case the portfolio that corresponds to evaluate it, because the Gendarmerie depends on it and therefore the prisons, is the Ministry of Justice.”
In this context, Monsalve took the opportunity to highlight that “what is relevant from the point of view of the southern macrozone is that in a sustained manner we have managed to maintain a significant decrease in acts of violence, compared to 2022 compared to 2021”.
“The second thing is that we have had results in terms of criminal prosecution that are clear, clear and evident and that, therefore, there are a number of organizations that are dedicated to the commission of organized crime, particularly timber theft,” he added.
In that sense, he said that “the Government managed to get the timber theft project out in the course of 2022, transform it into law, it was enacted, but it is also important to highlight the Government’s willingness to collaborate with the Public Ministry and provide the police with the capabilities so that criminal prosecution is effective. ”
“We said it from the beginning, the only way to deliver sustainable peace and tranquility in the southern macrozone is to have a long-term political agreement. But it is also to have effective criminal prosecution, so that those who commit acts of violence and crimes can be identified, detained, prosecuted and punished, which is what is happening,” he concluded.

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