Tinelli, on San Lorenzo: “I would never touch a peso of the club I love”

After the elections in San Lorenzo that were scheduled for December 17 were suspended, the former president of the club, Marcelo Tinelli, reappeared and assured that “he put a lot of money” in the institution and that “he would never touch a peso of the club he loves.” Football is very ungrateful. I feel like I gave life to St. Lawrence. When they call me ’emptyer’, when I put what I put and did what I did. Not in 10 years but since 1995, when I helped make it champion, the walk to Luján. The advertising in my program is priceless, “said the television host in dialogue with America TV. In this sense, he listed the achievements he obtained during his management and that of Matías Lammens, with the Copa Libertadores 2014 as the most outstanding and added: “I put a lot of money. That there are people who are forgetful is painful… I would never touch a weight of the club I love. They can say anything, that I overspent, that expensive salaries to players or whatever. But to get money from the club, never: I don’t need it and never needed it.” Tinelli had been silent for several months, without giving any opinion on the situation of San Lorenzo. The last time he spoke was after the defeat of the Ciclón against River, where Rubén Darío Insua pointed against him in the framework of a discussion with plateistas and unleashed a judicial fight between the two.

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