Suspended militancy in the FRVS of the Presidential Delegate of Arica and risks expulsion along with six other militants

The Social Green Regionalist Federation (FRVS) reported that the presidential delegate of Arica and Parinacota, Ricardo Sanzana; together with the regional councilor Iván Paredes; and the Regional Director of Corfo, Fernando Cabrales, would risk their expulsion from the ruling party, after they were notified along with 4 other militants that they are suspended from their rights as members of the political tent, by decision in the first instance of the Court of Discipline of the collectivity, before which they were denounced for “serious offenses”.
In addition to Sanzana, Paredes and Cabrales, Andrea Pérez and Luis Pizarro, advisors to the Presidential Delegation, were also suspended; and Alejandro Páez and Gina Valenzuela, members of the FRVS board in the northern region.
“During this period, the 7 sanctioned militants may not act on behalf of the FRVS or throw themselves representative of the store in any political or public instance,” the FRVS said in a statement.
Regarding the accusations, it transpired that these would have to do with situations of harassment, mistreatment, labor harassment, misogyny, abuse of power, abandonment of duties, and invalidation and ignorance of the party organization, all of which would violate the norms established in the statutes and the code of ethics of the party.
In turn, the FRVS explained that the now suspended militants would have concerted to question the probity and legitimacy of the current national directive, the national presidency and the regional presidency through a complaint, entered into the Electoral Service on November 17, with which they also sought to invalidate the national election process of the FRVS held in May 2022, among other actions. However, the request was declared inadmissible by Servel in its resolution 0895 of December 14 of this year.
The suspension measure will be in force for 90 days for the duration of the investigation process; Time in which the suspended persons may present their defenses before the domestic court, to guarantee due process.
The sanctions could even reach his definitive expulsion, as established by the current statutes of the Social Green Regionalist Federation.
It is worth mentioning that Ricardo Luis Sanzana Oteíza, between 2015 and 2018, was provincial governor of Arica, during the second government of Michelle Bachelet. And on February 28, 2022, President Gabriel Boric appointed him as regional presidential delegate of Arica and Parinacota, a position he began to exercise since the beginning of his government, on March 11 of the same year.

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