Chilean table tennis player prosecuted and arrested for abusing Argentine player

The renowned table tennis player of Chilean nationality Juan Pablo Lamadrid Barraza was prosecuted with preventive detention accused of having sexually abused his colleague, the Argentine player Cielo María Rotryng when she was 14 years old and he 23.La investigating judge Paula González ordered the prosecution for the event that allegedly occurred on December 14, 2017 at the National Center for High Performance Sports (CENARD), within the framework of national and international table tennis competitions. The girl represented the National Team Nacional.La case was activated after Rotryng made the complaint last year, when – as she said – she understood the magnitude of the facts (which she had tried to forget) and decided to tell what she had suffered. The young woman, already retired from sports activity, said that “she feared that they would not believe her or that it would harm her in her professional career, since Lamadrid Barraza is a person of international renown in that sport.” All the evidence incorporated into the investigation once the complaint is filed has confirmed the occurrence of the facts investigated,” Judge González said in her resolution. The athlete was captured in Chile by Interpol on September 21 and extradited yesterday to Argentina, where he was detained preventively by order of the National Criminal and Correctional Court 40 in the framework of an investigation of the crime of sexual abuse. The accused was remanded in custody on the grounds that he “resides in the Republic of Chile, a situation that specifically constituted an obstacle to his submission to this process because, at the initial time of the investigation, his current place of residence was unknown.” The only way to locate his whereabouts has been to request his preventive detention for extradition purposes,” explained the judge in charge of the case. In addition, the Chilean was seized with seven million pesos. In his investigation, Lamadrid Barraza denied the facts and attributed them to an alleged intention of Rotryng “to become famous.” In order to avoid the systematic impunity of the act that could lead to the simple absence of direct witnesses, the evaluation of the evidence admits a broader and more flexible criterion, and the judge must base himself on the statement of the victim, of the people who became aware of what happened through their statements and in the conclusions reached by the experts in the respective expertise. The judge explained. The victim said that her alleged assailant accosted her in a hallway, forced her into a small engine room where he perpetuated the rape. He then walked away, telling the teenager “not to cry.” The testimony of the victim – which she reiterated in identical terms before various interlocutors and at different times (to the staff of the Special Prosecutor’s Unit on Violence Against Women and the National Directorate for Strengthening Access to Justice of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Nation, to the professionals who interviewed her in the Forensic Medical Corps and to the witnesses) – constitutes a contribution of immense value and especially valuable in order to have accredited the materiality of the conduct described, “says the ruling.Attention, containment and advice in situations of gender violence: By free call 24 hours Line 144, by WhatsApp +5491127716463, by mail to or by downloading the .app

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