Senate Constitution Commission approves appointment of Ángel Valencia as National Prosecutor

After more than 7 hours of session -which included the presentation of the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá- the Constitution Commission of the Senate unanimously approved the nomination of lawyer Ángel Valencia to occupy the position of National Prosecutor, after being proposed by President Gabriel Boric after two failures, those of José Morales and Marta Herrera.
The five members of the commission, Alfonso De Urresti (PS), Pedro Araya (IND), Matías Walker (Democrat), Rodrigo Galilea (RN) and Luz Ebensperger (UDI), voted in favor of Valencia, so it will pass with a favorable report to the Senate Chamber, who will define whether to approve it or not.
It should be noted that on the two previous occasions, the situation was uneven. In the case of Morales, he also had a positive report, but in the Chamber his name was rejected. In the case of Herrera, the commission came out with a negative report, and in the Chamber it was rejected.
The report in question is not binding, so in the Chamber the name of Ángel Valencia can be approved or rejected. For Valencia’s nomination to prosper, it must be supported in the Chamber with a quorum of 2/3 of the Senate, which corresponds to 33 votes. If this quorum is reached, he will be the new National Prosecutor.

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