Coti announced his new album and show at Complejo C Art Media

“The new album is the reflection of two years of songs, compositions, experimentation of sonorities and different rhythms, I also had the possibility to work with new sounds and with new producers, for the first time I included two producers with whom I had never worked: Renzo Luca and Nico Cotton. It is a very varied album, at times very introverted, very sonorous, poetic and on the other hand it has songs very much in my style, which is the place where I feel comfortable and I want to listen to myself in that register always in each of the albums”, Coti advances on the new album that will soon come to light. For years Coti’s songs have accompanied us every day: “Antes que ver el sol”, “Nada fue un error”, “Otra vez”, “Color esperanza”, “Andar conmigo” or “Me muero de amor” are just some of his creations, which were and are currently performed by other artists such as Natalia Oreiro, Julieta Venegas, Diego Torres, Paulina Rubio, Enrique Iglesias or Alejandro Lerner, just to name a few of the renowned artists. This will be a hinge year for his career, as he brings in his hands an album that will surprise. He will soon announce his new tour of Argentina, Spain, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany and more. Tickets can be obtained here.

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