Chiquito Bossio, eager to face River: “These matches are expected for a lifetime”

Carlos “Chiquito” Bossio, technical director of Racing de Córdoba, acknowledged that tomorrow’s match with River for the 32nd. of the final of the Copa Argentina is a match that “is expected all life”. In this sense, he handed over the responsibility to the Millionaire to “show why they are great” because on the court “everything is equalized,” in statements to D Sports Radio. We have a very big opponent in front of us, who surpasses us in several items, in structure and in a lot of things that we can list, but on the court we are going to be eleven against eleven and there they will have to show why they are great, everything is equalized, “said the former goalkeeper. In the face of this match, he remarked that “we have to work more on lowering anxiety than on raising it. If we emphasize the category, we can not go wrong because we charge. They are players who solve a game. We work on concentration, effort and not leaving anything to chance. We have to have a percent game.” Finally, he concluded: “We have to go to the front because petty proposals do not benefit you much. If the result is not the best, you immediately have to modify everything. Obviously we are not going to go and immolate ourselves, but we will have a balanced strategy.”

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