A leader close to Rodriguez Larreta said Bullrich “has a very authoritarian driving format.”

The tense dispute that Together for Change is going through in Mendoza added a new episode today after Deputy Omar De Marchi ratified his candidacy for governor and branded PRO presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich as “authoritarian.” Bullrich is a partner of Alfredo Cornejo and has a very similar driving format, very authoritarian for my taste,” said the legislator. His statements have a full impact on the internal opposition coalition. Not only at the provincial level. In Mendoza, Cornejo is his main contender in the gubernatorial race. Backed by the PRO and Governor Rodolfo Suárez, he has already announced that he will go for governor. But in addition, De Marchi is an ally of the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, so his statements regarding the leadership of the former Minister of Security also affect the battle waged by both pre-candidates. De Marchi, member of the national table of PRO, questioned that the space wants to set the same regulation for the 24 provinces and launched strong criticism of the management of Governor Suárez: he assured in statements to Futurock that the province “walks towards a complex institutional weakening” and that “it is entering a government format with a very high authoritarian bias.” He trusted, despite the differences they maintain in the province, that the opposition front can reach an agreement before April 12 – the deadline for the registration of electoral fronts – and converge in the same space to compete in the PASO.

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